Modern Renaissance| Anastasia Beverly Hills

Hi guys! Lets talk about the Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. First of all I wanted this palette for a good 6 months before I actually bought it and I kept putting it off partly because it was never in stock when I wanted to buy it and also  because I kept saying “no Kirusthika, you have enough eyeshadow palettes” and “no Kirusthika, it’s too expensive” but I did end up biting the bullet and buying it and I have to say I don’t regret it at all. Everything about it gets full marks; the packaging, the shades, the texture of the shades and the colour pay off. img_9693-1-e1497983305890.jpg

You can clearly see that it is well used and well loved, I was almost in tears seeing the tiny bit of pan of the shade cyprus umber. Let me start of by saying that this palettes’ colour pay off blows every other ones’ out of the water. The shades are so pigmented and creamy it’s a delight to use. There are shades that I have been a bit scared to try but I will – eventually.

The packaging has a really luxurious feel with faux suede on the top and the writing embossed into it and it has a mirror!
The brush. The brush that is provided with this palette is amazing, it’s two sided with a flat shader brush and a blending brush and it is one of the best brushes I have gotten with a palette. I feel like this palette has a variety of shades which are suitable for all types of skin tones and all types of looks that you want to create. It has ten matte shades, two demi-shimmer shades and two full on shimmer shades; primavera and vermeer.

Honestly guys, it’s well worth investing into this palette. It retails at £41.00 on Beauty Bay which is pricey I know, I had my doubts but it is incredible and you can evidently see what you’re paying for. I have attached a link for you guys aswell; beauty bay – modern renaissance

I hope you enjoyed the read and I hope it was somewhat helpful!

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