Day & Night| SKIN CARE

Hi guys, I’m here with another blog post and this time it’s skin care which is probably the most important thing to your makeup looking good. I used to hate spending money on skin care products because I would always be like “But I could get a new lipstick.” I have always had really problematic skin; it has always been dry, textured and acne prone. I have never had severe acne but I have always had a hell of a lot of blackheads. It has taken me a good seven years to get my skin under control, not the best but it’s making progress. I’m going to talk you guys through what I have found that works for me and has helped my skin so much.

First of all, I need to say this and I’m sure you’ve heard this a tonne of times before but what goes inside you shows on your face. I have worked out what causes texture on my face and what causes me to break out and surprise surprise it’s my three most favourite things; caffeine, dairy and alcohol. I can tell an immediate difference when I don’t consume these things in moderation, if I drink I break out in whiteheads the next day. If I have too much coffee and its’ always a caramel latté I can tell my face is going to kick off. Sometimes I’m like “how can my face have more mood swings than myself as an actual person?” Anyway that’s that, it’s important to consume everything moderation and I know that if I cut those things out of my diet my skin would be so much better than it is now but it involves giving up coffee and I’m not quite ready for that yet.

Other than that, my skin care routine is actually quite simple. In the mornings, I wash my face with which ever face wash I’m using at the moment and right now its the neutrogena visibly clear and then I don’t use a towel on my face, I wait for it to air dry or use cotton pads. This might sound crazy but I think it makes a difference, just not having the bacteria transferring from your towel onto your face. Then I use the Nip & fab dragon’s blood serum before applying the No7 moisturiser and that’s me done in the mornings.

My night time routine consists of a few more products, first to remove my makeup I use the L’oreal cleansing oil because I do have dry skin so this is great as it does not have a drying effect like the miscellar water and such. Then I wash it off and use my Rio Sonicleanse with a bit of face wash to get all the makeup off my face. Using this has  changed my skin insanely, obviously it is pricey so I was hesitant to buy it but it is definitely worth the cost. Once my face has dried I alternate each night between the alpha H liquid gold and the nip & fab glycolic fix as the alpha H liquid gold is only supposed to be used on alternate days. These two things have done wonders for my textured skin and have reduced my acne scars so much. To finish off I use the formula sleep cream and this is genuinely so good for anyone that suffers from dry skin; it has quite a thick consistency and is like a mask. It makes your skin feel replenished and so soft in the morning. I’ve also included my favourite lip scrub which is the one by kiko, I tend to wear matte liquid lipsticks a lot and they cause my lips to be chapped so this is the perfect thing.

I hope you guys enjoyed the read and found it somewhat helpful. Please give the post a like and comment your thoughts!

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