Hi guys, here are my Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks for you guys. I know, I know there’s only three of them but they are super expensive as they retail for £24 at Selfridges, I am hoping to build my collection as they are amazing lipsticks and I would chose them over Mac any day.

First off, I want to tell you about the texture. They are the creamiest things I have ever put on my lips. I own two of the matte revolution lipsticks in the shade Birkin Brown and Bond Girl and for matte lipsticks, they do not dry your lips out or make all the fine lines show through at all. They are so nice to wear and barely transfer. They are really long wearing as well. The other one I have is from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range and it’s the shade Night Crimson this is not a matte finish as you will see in the swatches and the name of the range just seems contradictory as these it would be a nightmare to kiss someone with this on. It transfers easier than the matte revolution range and isn’t as long wearing which is a shame considering the price but it does look amazing.

The packaging for the Charlotte Tilbury products is just on a whole other level, they feel really sturdy and the lid doesn’t feel like its about to pop off in your bag like other ones do and they are genuinely just a delight to look at on my dressing table. The casing is a gold metal and they are genuinely luxurious products to own and there isn’t one thing that I would fault with the packaging.

Facetune (7)
The image above is the shade Birkin Brown, as you can see on my skin it really is a true brown shade and I love those and it is just such an effortless colour to wear. It settles really nicely on the lips aswell.

Facetune (6)
This one is bond girl, again this is a really effortless colour to wear and this is definitely the perfect pink shade for me and I really struggle to find those. As you can see in the featured image that this is the most used and that’s just because it is an everyday colour and is a delight to wear.

Facetune (5)
This is the shade night crimson and as you can see it is not a matte lipstick but has a really nice shine to it. It is a really nice colour with a purple tone and it sits really well on the lips.

I know it’s nice to see the shade on people of the same skin tone to yourself and that’s what made me what to do this post as I know how hard it is especially when you can’t get to the store and need to buy online. I hope you guys enjoyed the read and found it at least a little bit helpful!

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