Rose Gold Palette| HUDA BEAUTY

Hi guys, I’m here with another blog post and this time it’s all about the Huda Beauty Rose gold eyeshadow palette. I have to start off by saying that this is definitely an ‘instagram made me buy it’ product. The hype that this product had was insane and so I succumbed and bought it. I honestly don’t know how this review is going to turn out as I still have mixed feelings about it but I’m gonna tell you guys anyway.

First off, it’s hella pricey, like insane amounts of money. It retails for £56 on the cult beauty website and this was probably the most researched product I have ever bought. I understand there are quite a few shades; seven foils, ten matte shades and one shimmer but I honestly don’t think that the quality of the shadows justifies that amount of money. The foils are great, the colours look amazing but the only issue is you need oil to pick it up so you either need to use your fingers which is just not accurate at all or you need to use a few drops of oil into the foils which for me just ended up being even worse. Like cut creases with the foils are a no-go, its just not possible for me to use my fingers and get a decent cut crease look. You just will be able to see the indents that I have created in some of the foils just jabbing my finger into it. The colours are absolutely stunning I just wish the texture was at the same level.

The pigmentation of the matte shades isn’t as good as I expected it to be but I did get the
modern renaissance palette at around the same time so after using that my expectations for the pigmentation had reached a new high. The colours settle really well on the lid and don’t crease and are long wearing. The shade moon dust is an amazing highlighting shade for your brow bone and the inner corner of your eye, it is stunning.
The packaging isn’t that great, I mean for a palette so big it would have been great to put a mirror in but it comes in a cardboard sleeve and has a see through plastic film on the top so if it were to fall I think that would be the end for some of the shades, It just doesn’t look very well made. I like to be able to see what I have paid for before even having used the product and with this I just don’t get that.

All the shades are extremely versatile and there are an endless number of looks that you could create with this palette, I feel there are shades for everyone but I love the warm toned oranges and pinks, maneater and fling go together particularly well and some black truffle in the outer corner will make an amazing smoky eye.


Guys, I was super hesitant to attach the picture above as I am not a makeup artist and this didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted but I wanted you to see the shades on skin to get a better idea so here it is. The shades I used were sandalwood as a transition colour, maneater all over the lid and fling on top. To highlight the inner corner and brow bone I used mood dust and the picture doesn’t do that shade justice because it’s such and amazing shade.

I hope you guys enjoyed the read and please let me know in the comments if there are other things that I should be talking about when I write these reviews!

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